The current project of the HAN Formula Student team is building the next generation HAN formula student car, the HFS-05. For updates and more information please check out our news blog, social media, our monthly newsletter and the latest news on the home page of this website.



The HFS-01. As it is the first ever car built by the HFS team, the team’s main goal was reliability. They wanted to design a car that could be used for further testing, even after the competition. This data could then be used for the next cars. Therefore, the HFS-01 was planned to be the establishment of the HFS Team in general. Speaking of an establishment, the HFS-01 finished all static and dynamic events at the 2016 Formula Student Germany event, resulting in a 50th place in the combustion class.


The HFS-02 is the second generation HAN formula student team car with a complete new concept. The team decided to use a single cylinder engine instead of the four cylinder used in the HFS-01. This, together with other weight savings, resulted in a total weight loss of 90kg compared to its predecessor. The team took part in the first ever Formula Student Netherlands and the Formula Student Germany event, one of the biggest formula student competitions in the world. The HFS-02 performed extremely well during the static events, but unfortunately got disqualified from the endurance event due to a technical breakdown. Nonetheless, the car improved in every way compared to the HFS-01.


The HFS-03 is the third generation HAN Formula Student car. The team focussed on improving the concept of the HFS-02, making it even lighter and more reliable. This resulted in further weight reduction and lowered the vehicle weight to 184kg. Almost half of the weight of the HFS-01! The team was unfortunately not able to attend the Formula Student Germany, however, it took part in the Formula Student Netherlands event.


The last project was to build the HFS-04. The goals were simplicity, a natural fiber body and a weight goal of 185kg. We were also aiming to make new connections with companies and strengthen exisiting ones in order to reach our goal. The road to the HFS-04 was based on extensive planning and higher production quality.


The latest project is the HFS-05. This year’s goals are reliability, cost and weight. Although the team is designing a completely new car, the HFS-04 is used as a base for the new project. Since the HFS-05 will be the last HFS car with a combustion engine, the team is already planning for the electric HFS-06. With a new team and a few team members returning from the previous year, the team is already looking forward to the Formula Student events in 2020.




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