The HFS team consists of young future engineers, who are still students. During this six month of working closely together in the team, the team became more than just an expedient to earn credits. This blog post is about the daily life in the team, described by a team member.


“The team room is not a place I just go to when I have to. Sometimes in my free time between two classes I just go there and prepare something I would normally do on a project day. The atmosphere in the team is just making me feel comfortable. But this is not because of the project itself or the engineering work most of us also do in their free time. It is because of the people. The team is nothing that only exists in the borders of the university. Sometimes we go for pooling or stay in the team room late to sit together, talk and just have a chilled evening. I am really happy that I applied for a project like this in my second year, because I don’t want to miss it anymore!”


Of course these are just some of the wonderful moments the team experiences and disagreements between the team members are part of the everyday life. But those problems are always solved quickly and disagreements are necessary, because you need to fail to improve in the best possible way and to see other possibilities.