The first milestone on the way to the HFS-04 is set. The research period is over and now the progression phase starts. To update the whole team about the individual progress, every department member presented the results of their own research and their future plans for the project. Now every team member knows exactly what the other departments are working on and the collaboration between the departments can start. It is necessary to communicate between departments due to parts of the car being comprised of work by the input of several departments. This includes the adjustment of dimensions and spacing for the different parts. Communication is the key to achieve this and to assure that the different parts of the car mate in the end.
TheĀ  Technical Committee, a board of former HAN Formula Student members, gave their advice on the technical parts of the presentations. The team members were able to ask questions and to clear up problems based on their own technical research. This is one of the ways we assure to increase the level of our work every year.

Joelle Vromans

Operations department