Yesterday, after much anticipation, the team’s official clothing finally arrived. We are now not only working closely together as a team, with the new clothing we are able to publically represent HFS. You will be seeing our new clothing often on our website, on social media, or at HFS events!

Parallel to receiving the team clothing, we are still in the development state of the car. Tomorrow is the deadline for the final designs of different parts for the HFS-04 across all departments. Therefore the whole team is meeting tomorrow at the university for every team member to present his or her work. We use these preliminary presentations to update every team member about the other’s departments progress and the current state of the overall design of the vehicle. It is also a moment to give each other some feedback, and offer a second opinion. From next week on we can start working on the decisive budgeting and the production of the first parts. Also testing will be one of the topics we will focus on in the upcoming weeks.

Furthermore we are very proud to tell you that we achieved 1000 followers on our instagram channel, check it out @hfsracingteam!


Joelle Vromans

Operations department