TheThe HFS-04 did not completely fulfill the set goals. Although the goal of simplicity was achieved, the team decided to go for a glass fiber instead of a natural fiber body during the project. In the end the car was with 224kg heavier than the set goal of 185kg. The HFS-04 project was based on extensive planning and a high production quality which caused a slight delay in finishing the car. New for the project was the main sponsorship by Brunel.

Technical specifications:

  • Engine: CBR 600 rr
  • Vehicle weight: 224 kg
  • Shifting system: Pneumatic
  • Engine management: ECU master/EMU black
  • Dampers: Tractive active dampers
  • Events attended: 1
  • Events finished: –
  • Throttle: electrical
  • Chassis: steel tubular spaceframe
  • Track width front/rear: 1250mm/1200mm


Jeroen Aaftink
Tom Vermeulen
Berend-Peter van Aalderen
Joey Liddard
Joelle Vromans
Thembani Magazi
Mary Sadek
Tijn Tils
Jesse Bosch
Cokorda Gede Dalem
Monish Jain

Lars van der Zee
Mihai Popescu
Umang Tulsi
Daniel Andzuhurov
Kfir Kedem
Vlad Cius
Ahmed Yehia Mohamed
Ricky Hirani
Nojus Dobrotinas
Mees Meyboom

Dilyan Slavov
Thom Dullaart
Yordan Nachev
Koen Lenstra
Jan Rowold
Kasparas Tubutis
Emiel de Jong
Tadas Jasas
Andis Zelto
Rodaina Abu Erban