The HFS-02 is the second generation HAN formula student team car with a complete new concept. The team decided to use a single cylinder engine instead of the four cylinder used in the HFS-01. This, together with other weight savings, resulted in a total weight loss of 90kg compared to its predecessor. The team took part in the first ever Formula Student Netherlands and the Formula Student Germany event, one of the biggest formula student competitions in the world. The HFS-02 performed extremely well during the static events, but unfortunately got disqualified from the endurance event due to a technical breakdown. Nonetheless, the car improved in every way compared to the HFS-01.

Technical specifications:

  • Engine: KTM 690 LC4
  • Vehicle weight: 215 kg
  • Shifting system: Pneumatic
  • Engine management: KMS MD35
  • Dampers: Tractive active dampers
  • Events attended: 2
  • Events finished: 1
  • Throttle: electrical
  • Chassis: steel tubular spaceframe
  • Track width front/rear: 1250mm/1200mm


Freek Wijffels
Nhi Tran
Vu Linh Trang
Sydney Labrie
Annemieke Westera
Stefania Iulia Popa
Ismail Bas
Floris Stokkel
Jeroen Dellemann
Shahir Akuji
Mark van Hoeve
Alexandru Paturan

Chris Cyr
Pieter Gesthuizen
Maarten Potgieter
Tautvydas Karvelis
Harm Wolters
Georgi Tsanev
Toncke Hack
Mark Kuipers
Georgi Georgiev
Kjell van der Goes
Julien van Doorn

Martin Yankov
Mees Meyboom
Priyesh Ramsaran
Andreas Steenstra
Boy Kamps
Floris Reincke
Mel de Jong
Guido Rotteveel
Sjors Busscher
Stayko Tzenov
Carlo Koster