The HFS-01. As it is the first ever car built by the HFS team, the team’s main goal was reliability. They wanted to design a car that could be used for further testing, even after the competition. This data could then be used for the next cars. Therefore, the HFS-01 was planned to be the establishment of the HFS Team in general. Speaking of an establishment, the HFS-01 finished all static and dynamic events at the 2016 Formula Student Germany event, resulting in a 50th place in the combustion class.

Technical specifications:

  • Engine: Yamaha R6 600cc 4-cylinder
  • Vehicle weight: 298 kg
  • Shifting system: Mechanical
  • Engine management: KMS MD35
  • Dampers: Tractive active dampers
  • Events attended: 1
  • Events finished: 1


Pim Camps
Omar Elkady
Sydney Labrie
Egor Plotnikov
Andreas Steenstra
Cosmin Bobaru
Brandon Canny
Christopher Burhan
Aleksander Petrov
Jelle Staal
Jeroen Delleman
Jordi Spruit
Shahir Akuji
Siddharta Prabhat Nigam
Tomy Huynh

Hanif Senat Khani
Nhi Tran
Alice Le
Daniel Zhao
Paulius Zilinskas
Sanchit Rathi
Ameer Humza
Nicolas Kiesel
Mees Meyboom
Stan Driessen
Mihai-Bogdan Magdalina
Bart Schelbergen
Liam Gerlin
Ismail Bas
Alberto Chamorro

Alex Mantov
Shivanand Meenakshisundaram
Stayko Tzenov
Mindaugas Kvietkauskas
Alvaro Vasquez Tojo
Nina Bolter
Rohan Patil
Alexandru Paturan
Andrei Ungureanu
Dragos Dascalu
Floris Stokkel
Joe Whaler
Pun Prabhanphoi
Sheehan Yashas Soas