“The Powertrain Department has jumped to work from day one. In order to ensure the optimal outcome of the project,the powertrain of the vehicle is of utmost importance.

The first and most important decision to be made was the choice of the right engine for the HFS-04. Members of the team researched and came to the conclusion that the Honda CBR 600, a four cylinder combustion engine, fulfills the requirements in all categories. As soon as this decision was made the question about the right shifting system to use arose and the team is currently working on it. Integrating and mounting the differential is the next step,which will take a lot of time and research skills.

The powertrain team is also responsible for the drivetrain which includes the task to find a convenient throttle body and in the end specifying the exhaust position. Once the engine was selected, it was also important to figure out which type of fuel was best to propel our vehicle.. After analyzing each fuel type and its benefits, in the end we as a department decided to use E85 fuel. Considerations about the throttle body and the final exhaust position will also have to be made.

The team is progressing at a good pace, and I am pleased with the enthusiasm and team-spirit that our new recruits are exhibiting.”

Mihai Popescu
Chief Powertrain Engineer HFS