HFS02 Reveal Event

HFS-02 Reveal Event

Over the past 9 months our team members have worked long and hard to research how we wanted to improve over last year, to design every component into the smallest detail and now by building our entirely new Formula Student vehicle from the ground up.

Last year we build our very first car to compete with in Formula Student Germrevealany and we achieved all our goals with the HFS-01, that was reliable enough to complete every dynamic event. We are very proud of how fast our team was able to learn how the Formula Student world works and how we were compatible in just one year.    .

Our new car, the HFS-02, will be a completely new car that is revised in pretty much every component. Because our team has gained so much knowledge about developing a race car, we can now take a lot more time to optimize and improve the design. The biggest potential to improve last year’s car is by designing a lighter vehicle that is more refined in every component. Therefore, we set our goal to develop a car that is 33% lighter, to come closer to the competition. The other goal was to do more extensive research, take more time to design quality parts and to be prepared for the building process which will improve build quality overall.

We are very excited about what we achieved and would love to tell you all about the improvements we’ve brought to life in the HFS-02. So, hereby we would like to invite you to join our reveal event on the 28th of June 2017, at 19:00 o’clock.

At this event, we will talk about every detail that went into developing the HFS-02, show you the new car and present all our team members. We will talk about our sponsors and how they’ve helped our team to grow to the next level and we will end the evening with a few drinks where you can ask every question about our team and new car you can think of.

We hope to see you there!
Freek Wijffels,
Team Manager