Formula Student Germany

Formula Student Germany (FSG), 8th till 13th of August 2017.

The competition is build up out of two main parts; Static events and Dynamic events. All static events are there to teach the students how to tackle certain problems as if they would work for a real company. This event is split up in three parts. At first you have the Business presentation, in which you basically show how your fictional company would be profitable. The second static event is the cost judging. During this event the students need to show that they designed a high performance car at low costs, which is easier said then done. As last you have the design judging. This event requires the students to explain their design choices, made during the year, to experts from the industry.

The dynamic events, split up in five categories, are there to test the performance of the car. At first you have the acceleration event, in which you basically need to accelerate as fast as possible over 75 meters straight track. The second dynamic event is the skid-pad. During the skid-pad you are required to drive a figure 8 in which the cornering capabilities of the car are tested. As third dynamic event you have the autocross, which is combination of the previous two combined. This event will test the drivability of the vehicle. The last event is actually a combination of two: the endurance and fuel efficiency. This dynamic event requires you to drive as fast as possible over a 22 km track. It test the performance, drivability, and especially the reliability of the vehicle. During this race your energy consumption is measured. This gives you the fifth dynamic score.