AD7&8 project

AD7&8 projects

With more experience in the field of automotive, you could be part of the HFS team when doing course 7&8 AD.

As a member and part of the 78AD course, you will help with researching new possible ideas for improving future formula student vehicles as well as helping out with production and design as a project member.

Project AD members also get to be in charge of their own project, every year a different project will be selected for the AD members. This can range from designing and building the aero package, to coming up with a way to decrease the unsprung mass or optimizing air flow towards the engine.

Having your own project also gives more liberty to prove and learn how to manage and task projects with a deadline and responsibilities, as well as assuring that the delivered product has the highest quality possible.



  • You are a student of HAN University of Applied Sciences
  • Participate in course 78 AD
  • Good average score
  • Good English language skills are a must
  • Dutch language skills are a plus
  • Good communication skills
  • Good team work skills
  • Fine knowledge in Excel, Word and CAD
  • Able to spend extra time, outside of project days

For more information and submission of applications, please feel free to contact our team manager Rick Schulting via