About Us

About Us

Every year the HAN Formula Student Team designs, builds, and race its own Formula Student vehicle. The team participates in the biggest student competition in the world with over 500 teams competing. Formula Student is the closet students can get to the world of auto sports during their studies. Doing it in such a way that you experience every phase of building a vehicle is a great opportunity to strengthen your skills and prepare yourself for labor market. ‘’Build it today, see it on the circuit tomorrow.’’

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Our Car

After a year with little sleep, the HAN Formula Student Team presents its first ever Formula Student vehicle. The HFS01. As it is the first ever car build by the HFS Team, the team’s main goal was reliability. They wanted to design a car that could be used for further testing. Even after the competition. This data could then be used for the next car. Therefore the HFS01 was planned to be the establishment of the HFS Team in general.

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Our Car

Our Team

The Team –
5 Management Members –
9 Department Leaders –
30 Part-Time Engineers –
1 Intern

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